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Who is who: Team leader Dr. Mirjam Steglich

Dr. Mirjam Steglich, who are you and why did you choose to become a teamleader for SLE?

I work in international agricultural research and development, and lived in different parts of Africa for over 15 years. In 2019 I returned to Berlin, my original hometown. Here, I studied International Agricultural Economics and did my PhD at Humboldt University. I know the SLE since my university days as an important reference institution for international development in my area of work. I thus liked the idea to become part of SLE as a team leader, especially for the project I became part of that invited young African researchers to support development research carried out in Europe.

nomonde pic lores©Nomonde Buthelezi


Interview with South African food activist and researcher Nomonde Buthelezi

Awakening curiosity – Interview with South African food activist and farmer researcher Nomonde Buthelezi on academic research and the transformational impact of co- research. Read the SLE study on agency in South Africas food system, co- authored by Nomonde Buthelezi.

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Who is who: Team leader Dr. Mejed Heni

Dr. Mejed Heni, Who are you ?

I'm a doctor in Veterinary Medicine, and a consultant and auditor in food safety management systems. I mainly assist companies to implement their food safety management systems in order to be audited and certified. I work in different stages of the food chain, and look at vegetable packing, slaughterhouses, meat manufactures, logistics companies and the retail sector. I've been working with international programs around Africa and it has always been such a wonderful opportunity to get to know other cultures, meet different people, and work together towards the same objectives.


Who is who: Team leader Dr. Hendrik Hänke

Dr. Hendrik Hänke, who are you and why did you choose to become a teamleader for SLE?

I have a background in ecology and agricultural economics, and I have extensive experiences doing consultancy work and research on issues pertaining to food security, livelihood improvement of smallholder farmers, value chains and living income, mainly in rural Africa. After many years abroad and working for different institutions, I am glad to finally have the opportunity to work with the SLE in Berlin.


Who is who: Team leader Dr. Klaus Droppelmann

Dr. Klaus Droppelmann, who are you and why did you choose to become a teamleader for SLE?

K: I’m a trained agronomist turned development practitioner with over 25 years of experience in the agricultural sector in Africa, ranging from field research to smallholder support to policy advisory services.

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