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Past Trainings 2020

The year 2020 has become overwhelmingly characterized by the Covid-19 pandemic. Rapid responses on the part of government were necessary to protect people’s health globally. The changing conditions and sudden restrictions on international mobility also affected our well-established face-to-face SLE TRAINING courses for experts and leaders working in international cooperation worldwide. Looking back, it was nevertheless a very successful year, as we took the opportunity to transform our courses into LIVE ONLINE TRAININGS. This required some flexibility and troubleshooting in terms of new conceptual, didactic, and technical approaches. The adjustments towards the new online format proved to be popular, remaining under high demand and bearing positive evaluations:

 “Amazing! The 5-day online training course has presented me with a wealth of new content, experiences and impressions!” (Osman Vatansever, participant “Conflict Management and Conflict Transformation” 2020)

Six one-week online training sessions g took place with a total of 71 international experts joining from Afghanistan, Belgium, Germany, Ecuador, England, India, Italy, Kenya, Nepal, Nigeria, Switzerland, Senegal, Sudan, Thailand, Tunisia and Zimbabwe. Upon request, one of these training sessions was tailored specifically to the needs of GIZ India. Further tailor-made training sessions for international organizations of this kind are planned for 2021.

The consistent focus on interactive elements, the inclusion of participants' previous experiences in the sense of a peer-to-peer learning approach, and the practical expertise of trainers continued to be successful in the online training sessions via Zoom and MS Teams. The vast majority of participants, therefore, again rated the overall impression of the sessions as "excellent.”

As in previous years, the high diversity of participants in terms of professional background and field of work related to international cooperation was positively highlighted. At the end of this year of trainings, more than 96% of the participants stated that they had gained new knowledge for application in their work contexts, as well as more confidence and competence in dealing with the course topics covered in the sessions     .

We look forward to welcoming international training groups at the SLE in Berlin again, once the situation regarding the pandemic allows it! Meanwhile, we will continue to offer online courses, which additionally benefits climate protection, thinking positively. We are excited to welcome you to our online training sessions in 2021!