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SLE TRAINING - Training for International Experts and Leaders

We are firmly convinced that sustainable development is a global responsibility. Our role in this global mission is to provide ongoing training for international experts from the South, West, East and North. By bringing experts together from different cultures, backgrounds and professions, SLE TRAINING programmes foster an intercultural and interdisciplinary approach. We view mutual learning and understanding as key components of successful cooperation for sustainable and inclusive development.

Whether management of development projects, sustainable resource management, climate change adaptation, biodiversity or conflict management, disaster risk management, emergency aid or training trainers, SLE offers the ideal training course for experts in international cooperation from around the world.

The topics and content of each course are updated and extended annually to provide a comprehensive, up-to-date curriculum that is partly parallel and partly supplementary to the post-graduate study programme. The curriculum itself is based on the expertise of SLE and its partners, focuses on the most pressing global development issues, and is geared to the practical needs of development organisations and their partners. The training courses apply classic SLE teaching methods that have been refined over decades, i.e., participatory, problem-solving and practice-oriented training units that make room for participants’ know-how and experience, retrieve existing knowledge and work jointly on fine-tuning their methods and approaches.

Participants leave SLE programmes with first-class practical and experience-based training. They become familiar with new tools and methods, and have the opportunity to work on their soft skills. As part of the Humboldt-Universität, SLE stands for academic excellence combined with practical methods.


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