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SLE Lecturers

Bela Allenberg
Political Economist
Focus: Development theory and development policy, civil conflict transformation and peace development, results-based project planning and monitoring, research and work experience in Latin America, Asia and Africa

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Prof. (apl.) Dr. Theo Rauch
Political Economist / Economic and Social Geographer

Focus: Rural development, regional development, decentralization and community development, regional business promotion, planning methods, development policy in the context of globalizing processes, research and project experience in anglophone Africa and in Nepal.

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Dirk Sprenger

Human Resource Developer


Focus: Career development for experts and managers, incl. team, leadership, communication, conflict, coaching (individuals and teams), moderation and meditation, crisis prevention, conflict transformation and peace development
Heiko Harms
Heiko Harms

Management Consultant


Focus: Local business promotion, finance management of development projects,KKMU guidance, marketing and retail management in Fair Trade, research and consultancy experience in Africa
Ute zurmhl foto

Ute Zurmühl

Sociologist / PR Consultant (DPRG)

Focus: Strategic communication, PR methods and tools, concept techniques, communication for development, HIV/AIDS communication, evaluation and planning of communication projects, project and consultancy experience in anglophone and lusophone Africa

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Volker Niehoff


Focus: stress and crisis management, training (moderation, stress management, burn-out prevention), trauma therapy, process supervision and coaching, intercultural consultancy (Asia)

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Michael Kölmel


Focus: newspaper articles, interviews, analysis, concepts for magazines and supplements, editor-in-chief (sports /politics), individual writing courses, editorial training for evaluation teams

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Peter Rottach


Focus: disaster relief and disaster management (DRM), climate adaptation, tropical agriculture, agro-ecology


Till Sterzel

 Dr. Till Sterzel 


Focus: Climate vulnerability and adaptation in cities, sustainable urban development under urbanisation and climate change, Climate Information Services, implications of global environmental change for violent conflicts

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