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Joint International Research Projects (JIRP)

While carrying out their Joint International Research Projects/JIRP (FKA overseas projects/OP), students put the skills, methods and tools they have acquired in earlier courses to practical use, refining and broadening their abilities in the process. The fact that these studies are commissioned by development organisations gives each project an immediate practical purpose, ensuring a high level of engagement and an interest in the results.

The JIRP of 2022 are listed here (see also JIRP Overview).

The study topics are at the cutting edge of the field and serve the current needs of the development community. Since its early days, SLE has been involved in impact assessment studies for development policies and has addressed issues related to rural development and conflict prevention. It has also provided consulting services on value chains, resource management and disaster prevention for many years. SLE has not only kept abreast of emerging trends, but in some cases has itself been a trendsetter, for example in the area of participatory methods.

Since 1972, we have carried out more than 150 Joint International Research Projects (FKA overseas projects) in over 60 countries. The interdisciplinary teams of usually five students are accompanied and supported by a professional team leader. Over time more and more local experts and students have been involved in work for the study on site. Hence capacity building plays a major role in Joint International Research Projects.

SLE publishes the studies in its own series. They can be downloaded free of charge via the document and publication server of the Humboldt Universität.

Summaries of JIRP from 2001 onwards can be found here (in German).

Map of Joint International Research Projects/ overseas projects