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International Cooperation

SLE trains its students for careers in the field of international cooperation, which is shaped by national and international institutions. Regular close contact to the different organisations and institutions allows the SLE study programme to be at the cutting edge of topics and developments in the field. SLE also specialises in methods and skills in the area of rural development. Maintaining a critical stance and a non-discriminatory attitude in all areas of cooperation is a key component of the learning process.

SLE offers its graduates a broad spectrum of career starter opportunities at junior, trainee and internship level. SLE alumni employers include the Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), NGOs such as Welthungerhilfe, church-based charities, research institutes and think tanks, government ministries (BMZ, BMUB, BMEL), development banks such as the KfW Development Bank, consulting firms, political foundations, and private companies. Careers at an international level, for example at the UN or the EU, are another possibility. Approximately half of all SLE graduates begin their careers abroad.

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