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Successful applicants receive a grant in accordance with the German 'Nachwuchsförderungsgesetz' of €1 000 per month and, if necessary, a children’s allowance of €102.26 for the first child and €51.13 for each subsequent child.

75% of the grant is a loan.

Repayment of the loan begins three years after the grant period ends and arranged in fixed instalments of at least €51.13. If the loan is repaid in full in a single instalment, there is a discount of up to 40%, depending on the total amount of the loan.

Students may also apply for a housing allowance ('Wohngeld'). For registered citizens on a low income, the city of Berlin pays a monthly rent amount of up to approximately €220 (utility bills are not included).

Student applicants for a housing allowance must fill out a 'Wohngeldantrag' at the Bürgeramt:

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