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SLE STUDIES - Post-graduate study programme in 'International cooperation for sustainable development'

Develop personal and professional skills, design and lead projects, build partnerships: the SLE twelve-month post-graduate study programme is the ideal start to a professional career in international cooperation for sustainable development.

The post-graduate programme has been part of the SLE for 60 years and is constantly updated and refined. The programme accepts students with a master’s degree and some practical experience in international cooperation. The course is full-time and runs from January to December. Attendance is mandatory. Course participation is funded in the form of a loan, 75% of which has to be paid back.

Each year, 20 students come together to deepen their knowledge of development studies and learn new tools and strategies for sustainable development. They study management methods particularly suited to international cooperation and development. In addition, the course covers invaluable personal skills, including teamwork, communication and stress management.

Students also have the opportunity to put their newly acquired skills and knowledge to work through their collaboration with experienced team leaders in the production and publication of a six-month empirical study that includes field work in a foreign country (overseas projects).



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