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FAQ: Frequently asked questions about the application process

How do I prove my language abilities?

In the online application form, you state your own language abilities. If you are selected for the second round of the admissions process, your language abilities will be tested here at the SLE.

Can I apply before I have completed my university degree?

Yes. In this case you should provide confirmation of your grades so far, if available. You then have until the end of November to provide either your final degree certificate or a statement from your supervisor confirming that you will successfully complete your degree before the end of the year. A completed higher education degree is a necessary requirement for joining the SLE study programme.

Note: During the first admissions phase, applications are allocated points for fulfilment of different criteria. If you have not provided your degree certificate, your application will not be assigned the points for this criterion.

Is there an age limit for applicants?

No. However, beginning at age 30, points are deducted from the application with increasing age, reducing the chances of success. The average age of students in the SLE study programme is 27.