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As part of a new research project, funded by the BMZ, the SLE investigates the sustainability of modern agricultural and food systems (NAMAGE). Description: Sustainability of Modern Agri-Food Systems – Requirements for developing and promoting sustainable food value chains in German development cooperation

Since 2014, the BMZ's special initiative "ONE WORLD – No Hunger" (SEWOH) has focused on the design and implementation of the value chain (VC) approach in global projects, in particular in the "Green Innovation Centres for the Agriculture and Food Sector" (GIAE/GIC).

SLE scientists and experts will develop a holistic, practical approach to assess sustainability aspects of future VC promotion. Scientific findings from current sustainability research, especially on agroecology, climate adaptation, and sustainability trade-offs, will play a special role in the development of an adequate instrument for measuring sustainability.

The aim is to elaborate principles and general indicators of sustainable agricultural VCs and to develop an approach on how these general indicators can be complemented by context-specific elements to support decisions on the promotion of sustainable value chains in a practical way. In 2021, the 59th SLE course will be involved in empirical research and the concrete application of the developed sustainability indicators in two projects abroad in sub-Saharan Africa and, through co-research in the field, will make important contributions in      raising the potential of economically, ecologically, and socially sustainable approaches in ESC promotion for food security and local development.

Project management
Prof. Dr. Markus Hanisch
Carolin Müller, Henrice Stöbesand und Dr. Agustina Malvido Perez

External Consultant: Christian Berg
Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development
Project start: 9/2020
Expected end of project: 06/2022
Research area
Agronomy, agroecology, development policy, value chain analysis
Research fields
Agricultural economics and sociology

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