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SLE’s key objective is to forge a link between research and practice. Scientific and empirical methods are high on our agenda, as is the relevance of research projects for policy and practice. Apart from analysing problems, we focus on creating problem-solving strategies to tackle these problems and make concrete recommendations for suitable courses of action.

SLE carries out overseas projects (Auslandsprojekte; AP) with the students from the graduate programme (SLE STUDIES). In addition, it conducts commissioned empirical studies (special overseas projects) and performs research independently or in collaboration with research partners.

The SLE carries out studies in various formats, including:

1. Overseas project studies (AP) involving students from the postgraduate programme in 'International Cooperation for Sustainable Development'. More information on overseas project studies can be found here.

2. Special overseas project studies with SLE alumni. These studies are tailored to the needs of the commissioning body, with varying time frames and formats. More information on special overseas project studies can be found here.

3. Funded research and consultancy projects (e.g. BMBF, BMZ, BMEL).


Current research projects


Together with researchers from Burkina Faso, Senegal and Sweden, SLE has launched the EU-funded research project "NUTRiGREEN" this year. NUTRiGREEN is investigating how traditional nutrient-dense fruits and leaves can help reduce hunger and poverty.

About the project


As part of a new research project, funded by the BMZ, the SLE investigates the sustainability of modern agricultural and food systems (NAMAGE).

About the project





   Dr. Silke Stöber about NUTRiGREEN

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