SLE Overseas Projects

This 'yellow' series of studies is the result of the SLE's overseas projects, carried out as part of the graduate study programme in 'International Cooperation for Sustainable Development'. These studies are commissioned by development organisations, and carried out in interdisciplinary teams under the supervision of an experienced team leader.


SLE studies 2016

Titelseite aus SLE Study 270 1 online Titelseite aus Handbook SLE 270 2 online      
Kenya Handbook Kenya      


SLE studies 2015

SLE Studie 2015 Cover Ghana 2015 front SLE Studie 2015 Cover Namibia SLE Studie 2015 Cover Mosambik 2015 front SLE Studie 2015 Cover Philippinen SLE Studie 2015 Cover Toolkit Namibia
Ghana Namibia Mozambique Philippines Toolkit Namibia


SLE studies 2014

SLE Studie 2014 Cover SADC SLE Studie 2014 Cover Tadschikistan SLE Studie 2014 Cover Kenia SLE Studie 2014 Cover Paraguay SLE Studie 2015 Cover Handbuch Kambodscha
SADC-region Tajikistan Kenya Paraguay Cambodia


SLE studies 2013

SLE Studie 2013 Cover Brasilien SLE Studie 2013 Cover Haiti SLE Studie 2013 Cover Kolumbien SLE Studie 2013 Cover Mekong
Brazil  Haiti Colombia  Mekong-region


All of the SLE's published studies (from the year 2000 onwards) are available to download for free via the document and publication server of the Humboldt-Universität.

An up-to-date list of the SLE study series from 1995 onwards is available here.

A list of all overseas projects between 1972 and 2007 is available here.

Print copies of our publications can be ordered directly from the SLE:

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