SLE Overseas Projects

This 'yellow' series of studies is the result of SLE's overseas projects, carried out as part of the graduate study programme in 'International Cooperation for Sustainable Development'. These studies are commissioned by development organisations, and carried out in interdisciplinary teams under the supervision of an experienced team leader.

SLE studies 2017

SLE 275 Perspectives of Urban Agriculture in Maputo and Cape TownTeil1 SLE 274 Cassava the 21st century crop for smallholders 1 AP Studie Kenia Cover
Mozambique/ South Africa  Malawi Kenya
Kambodscha Guide Cover    

SLE studies 2016

Titelseite aus SLE Study 270 1 online Titelseite aus Handbook SLE 270 2 online Kenia Titelblatt
Kenya TI Handbook KenyaTI Kenya CSA, Technical Leaflets
Cover Ethopia.PNG Cover Peru S268 1 Cover  
Ethiopia Peru Kyrgyzistan


SLE studies 2015

SLE Studie 2015 Cover Ghana 2015 front SLE Studie 2015 Cover Namibia SLE Studie 2015 Cover Mosambik 2015 front
Ghana Namibia Mozambique
SLE Studie 2015 Cover Philippinen SLE Studie 2015 Cover Toolkit Namibia  
Philippines Toolkit Namibia  


SLE studies 2014

SLE Studie 2014 Cover SADC SLE Studie 2014 Cover Tadschikistan SLE Studie 2014 Kenya Cover
SADC-region Tajikistan Kenya
SLE Studie 2014 Cover Paraguay SLE Studie 2015 Cover Handbuch Kambodscha  
Paraguay Cambodia  


SLE studies 2013

SLE Studie 2013 Cover Brasilien SLE Studie 2013 Cover Haiti SLE Studie 2013 Cover Kolumbien
Brazil  Haiti Colombia
SLE Studie 2013 Cover Mekong    

All of SLE's published studies (from the year 2000 onwards) are available to download for free via the document and publication server of the Humboldt-Universität.

An up-to-date list of SLE study series from 1995 onwards is available here.

A list of all overseas projects between 1972 and 2007 is available here.

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World map with overseas projects

SLE Studies 2017

Cassava, the 21st century crop for smallholders? Exploring innovations along the livelihood-value chain nexus in Malawi

Perspectives of Urban Agriculture in Maputo and Cape Town - Dialogue, networks and future scenarios

Closing the knowledge gap between research, policy and practice - Circular knowledge exchange on African indigenous vegetables for improved food and nutrition security in Kenya and Tanzania

How to Bridge the Skills Gap to Promote Decent Rural (Youth) Employment - A Practitioner’s Guide

SLE Studies 2016

Handbook on land corruption risk mapping - How to identify and tackle corruption risks in land governance


Land Corruption Risk Mapping - Developing a handbook on how to identify and tackle corruption risks in land governance

Scaling out Climate Smart Agriculture - Strategies and Guidelines for Smalholder Farming in Western Kenya
Keep the bee in Ethiopia’s wheatbelt Challenges for apiculture integration in the intensified agricultural landscape of Arsi-Zone 

Entwicklungsalternativen in Bergbauregionen Perus - Umweltauswirkungen des Bergbaus und Einkommensalternativen in der Landwirtschaft in Junín und Cajamarca (in German)

Alternativas de desarrollo en las regiones mineras de Perú -
Impactos ambientales de la minería e ingresos alternativos en la agricultura en Junín y Cajamarca (spanish)

SLE Studies 2015

Measuring gaps and weighing benefits - Analyisis of Quality Infrastructure Services along the maize and pineapple value chains in Ghana with focus on smallholder farmers

Inclusion Grows - Developing a manual on disability mainstreaming for the German Developement Cooperation - Case Study in Namibia

Financing Value Chains for Perennial Fruit Crops in Mozambique - Recommendations for future interventions of financial coorperation

Improving Market Access for Smallholder Rice Producers in the Phillipines

Inclusion grows - Toolkit for disability mainstreaming for the German development cooperation

SLE Studies 2014

Evaluation Cross-Border Natural Ressource Management Projects

How much would you pay? Adapting Fee Based Agricultural Advisory Services to Mountainous Regions in Tajikistan

Connecting Innovators - Making Pro-Poor Solutions Work - The innovation System of African Leafy Vegetables in Kenya

Factores determinantes de una agricultura sostenible en el contexto de los pequeños agricultores en el Paraguay - Ejemplos de la agricultura de conservación y la agroforesteia

Handbook for monitoring and evaluation of child labour in agriculture - Measuring the impacts of agricultural and food security programmes on child labour in family-based agriculture

SLE Studies 2013

HumaNatureza² = Proteção Mútua Percepção de riscos e adaptação à mudança climática baseada nos ecossistemas na Mata Atlântica, Brasilbaseada nos ecossistemas na Mata Atlântica, Brasil

Promotion de la société civile et résilience en Haïti – La contribution de la société civile à l’augmentation de la résilience dans des conditions de fragilité étatique

Entre reparación y transformación: Estrategias productivas en el marco de la reparación integral a las víctimas del conflicto armado en el Oriente de Caldas, ColombiaCaldas, Colombia

What has remained? - An ex post Evaluation of Watershed Management in the Mekong Region
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