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SLE JIRP (Joint International Research Projects)

This series of studies is the result of the SLE's former overseas projects, now JIRPP, carried out as part of the graduate study programme in 'International Cooperation for Sustainable Development'. These studies are commissioned by development organisations, and carried out in interdisciplinary teams under the supervision of an experienced team leader.

Media projects

Within the frame of the Discussion Days on development cooperation or during the SLE stuy projects abroad, various media projects are being developed. These audiovisual media usually summarise the most important findings or explain specific aspects more in detail.

SLE Handbooks

In some cases the experiences and results of the SLE Overseas Studies are published as Handbooks which find use in other projects.

Development studies series

This series, begun in 2012, contains analyses and studies of general current topics in development, in which one or more authors go beyond single country studies to address specific development problems.

SLE briefing papers

The SLE briefing papers bring together current findings and analyses on the SLE's various specialist topic areas in a four-page format. They also present the yearly podium discussion together with the Heinrich Böll Foundation (HBS).

SLE discussion paper

The SLE Working Paper Series serves to disseminate results from ongoing research projects of the Centre for Rural Development (SLE) as quickly as possible.

Published articles and conference contributions

SLE articles published in academic journals.

SLE yearly report