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Overseas projects 2017

How to bridge the skills gap to promote decent rural (youth) employment - A practitioner's guide
Co-operation partner: FAO
Team leader: Dr. Heidi Feldt
Team: Manuel Marx, Nora Nebelung, Lisa Kirtz, Verena Vad, Johannes von Stamm
Study Cambodia

Cassava, the 21st century crop for smallholders? Exploring the role of innovations along the livelihood-value chain nexus in Malawi
Co-operation partner: GIZ-BEAF (in collaboration with International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA))
Team leader: Dr. Klaus Droppelmann
Team: Carolin Voigt, Bartosz Walenda, Franziska Kamm, Peggy Günther, Ulrike Rippke
Study Malawi


Closing the knowledge gap between research, policy and practice - Circular knowledge exchange on African indigenous vegetables for improved food and nutrition security in Kenya and Tanzania
Co-operation partner: HORTINLEA Research Project
Team leader: Dr. Emil Gevorgyan
Team: Elena Ammel, Rebekka Goeke, Julia Legelli, Sönke Marahrens, Florian Neubauer, Colleen O'Connor
Study Kenya

Perspectives of urban agriculture in Maputo and Cape Town - Dialogue, networks and future scenarios
Co-operation partner: UFiSAMo research project
Team leader: Severin Halder
Team: Celia Schmidt, Patrick Dolle, Enrique Fernández Flores, Michelle Yang, Jessica Agüero Rosales de Heinzelmann
Study Mozambique and South Africa