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Overseas projects 2020

The presentation of the final results of the overseas projects 2020 of the 58th cohort took place on 15th and 16th December 2020 as an online digital presentation. Further information you can find in the invitation.


Potentials of agricultural cooperatives to improve livelihoods and food security of landless and land-poor households in Cambodia
Cooperation partner: GIZ Cambodia
Team leader: Heino Güldemann
Team: Darina Döbler, Carolin Kern, Joost Koks, Christopher Korb, Andrej Sbrisny


Migration and Health: Addressing the health challenges of migrants and refugees in Africa
Cooperation partner: GIZ Ethiopia, African Union
Team leader: Paul Asquith
Team: Wendy König, Richard Neetzow, Paul Schütze, Yury Snigirev, Julia von Freeden


The Beninese poultry sector in the shadow of western chicken imports: Analysing local consumer preferences and production systems to strengthen the national sector's competitiveness
Cooperation partner: GIZ
Team leader: Dorothea Kulla
Team: Max Graser, Kai Klause, Gabriela Maldonado Castro, Mingue Marner, Sabrina Stoffel


Covid-19 lockdown and food systems: A threat of food insecurity and urban hunger in South Africa's marginalized communities - a food justice perspective from the Cape Flats and St. Helena Bay
Cooperation partner: Urban Farmer Forum, Weskus Mandjie, African Centre for Cities (UCT), INKOTA, Heinrich-Böll Foundation (HBS)
Team leader: Nicole Paganini
Team: Johanna Hansmann, Alexander Mewes, Vincent Reich, Moritz Reigl, Lara Sander