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Overseas Projects 2019

Adaptation of rural livelihoods to structural and climatic changes in Western Mongolia
Co-operation partner: GIZ
Team leader: Camilo Vargas Koch
Team: Wiebke Beushausen, Mengina Gilli, Jana Zotschew, Lukas Schreiner, Simon Schöning
Study Mongolia

Benefits and challenges in integrating the private sector in Agricultural Technical Vocational Education & Training (ATVET) in Africa
Co-operation partner: GIZ and ATVET-Structures
Team leader: Dr. Klaus Droppelmann
Team: Amélie Bohlen, Eva-Maria Graf, Melany Riquetti, Franziska Ulrich, Christian Kramer
Study Rwanda/Uganda

Et moi, j’y gagne quoi?
Perspectives d’intégration des entreprises privées dans le système d’Enseignement et de Formation Techniques Professionnels Agricoles (EFTPA) au Bénin et au Togo
Co-operation partner: GIZ and ATVET-Structures
Team leader: Dorothea Kulla
Team: Karen Dall, Mariam Salloum, Laura-Sophie Schnieders, Thomas Grupp, Thomas Nice
Study Togo/Benin

Bridging the Gap between People and Nature
An Evaluation of GIZ/SADC Support Projects for Strengthening Transfrontier Conservation Area Management in Southern Africa
Co-operation partner: GIZ
Team leader: Peter Weinert
Team: Christopher Eichhorn, Sarah Müller, Nadja Frercksen, Bartholomeow A-obe, Juliane Kaufmann, Sergio Rakotozafy
Study SADC

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