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Overseas projects 2014

Approaches for the introduction of a fee based agricultural advisory service in mid and up land areas
Co-operation partner: GIZ
Team leader: Erik Engel, counterpart of Tajikistan
Team: Judith Emmerling, Tim Niepel, Anna Peter, Cristina Simonetti, 4 participants of Tajikistan
Study Tadschikistan


Restoring degraded landscapes for and by smallholder farming communities
Co-operation partner: GIZ
Team leader: Richard Preissler
Team: Julia Davidson Nieto, Anique Hillbrand, Miriam Holländer, Martin Ihm
Study Paraguay (German) 


Handbook for monitoring and evaluation of child labour in agriculture - Measuring the impacts of agricultural and food security programmes on child labour in family-based agriculture
Co-operation partner: Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)
Team leader: Dr. Heidi Feldt
Team: Elen Ambros, Leonie Craes, Lena Bullerdieck, Robin Cordes, participants of Cambodia
Study Cambodia


How to make cross-border natural resource management work? Evaluating pilot projects on tourism development and fire management in transfrontier conservation areas within the SADC region
Co-operation partner: GIZ
Team leader: Alfons Üllenberg
Team: Kathrin Meindl, Laura Rupp, Benjamin Straube, Christoph Buchberger, Maxi Springsguth, participants of Mozambique
Study SADC

Connecting innovators - making pro poor solutions work
The innovation system of African leafy vegetables in Kenya
Co-operation partner: HORTINLEA Project
Team leader: Emil Gevorgyan, Prof. Dr. Turoop Losenge
Team: Malin Elsen, Luca Gefäller, Paul Cronjaeger
Study Kenya