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SLE TRAINING in times of a pandemic - new course programme

Covid-19, event and travel restrictions. This also posed new challenges for our SLE TRAINING, which lives from internationally mobile participants and the exchange within face-to-face trainings:

In order to be able to continue to offer interactive and result-oriented professional training, we have used the last few months to intensively familiarize ourselves with digital tools and training methods and to transfer our training courses into a LIVE ONLINE format.

At the beginning of August, our first online training courses "Participatory Methods for Workshops and Meetings" and "Management of Development Projects", each lasting several days, were successfully conducted with 12 internationally active experts and managers from development cooperation. Via Zoom we were able to bring together participants from different countries on one screen. Breakout groups and digital whiteboards offered an ideal alternative to analogue group work and flipcharts.

       “The training course offered a very structured theoretical input by experienced trainers as well as lots of practical elements. I particularly enjoyed the opportunity to work on real-life case studies and exchange knowledge with international professionals.”
     Isabelle Scheuermann, Project Coordinator at Engagement Global GmbH – Participant of the online training course “Management of Development Project".


group picture Participatory methods for workshops and meetings



Until the end of the year there are more online courses on the programme, others are still planned as face-to-face training next year! What we have learned: stay flexible and see new challenges as a chance to try new things and grow!

Due to further travel restrictions and registration numbers the following changes in the course program have been made:

September 28  - October 02, 2020 
 November 16 - 20,  2020

November 30 - December 04, 2020


February 24 -  March 05,  2021

March 22-26, 2021

April 12-16, 2021

April 19-30, 2021

Mai 31 - June 11, 2021

June 21 -  July 02,  2021


You can find the updated course programme here.

28. September - 02. Oktober 2020 

16-20. November 2020

30. November – 04. Dezember 2020

·         Management of Development Projects LIVE ONLINE TRAINING (NEW!)

24. Februar - 05. März 2021

22-26. März 2021

12-16. April 2021

19-30. April 2021

31. Mai - 11. Juni 2021

21. Juni – 02. Juli 2021

·         Training of Trainers @SLE Berlin

Das aktuelle Kursprogramm finden Sie hier

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