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SLE hosts workshop at Tropentag 2018 in Ghent, Belgium

On the 16th of September 2018 SLE organized with various partners a workshop on knowledge exchange between farmers and academia to adapt to climate change. This workshop was initiated by the Climate-resilient investigation and innovation project (CRAIIP) in Indonesia funded by Brot für die Welt. Project partners from Indonesia Mr Kustiwa Adinata (IPPHTI) and Mr Tandu Ramba (Motivator Kondoran) presented their practical experiences from farmer climate field labs in Java and Sulawesi. Examples from sub-Saharan Africa were presented by Ulrike Bey and Tumainu Matutu from HORIZONT3000 and Anne Mette Lykke from Aarhus University. More than 30 participants from various universities, GIZ, the International Potato Centre , ICRAF, Fibl Austria and other institutes discussed ways on how to improve the farmer-academia-policy linkages for promoting sustainable agriculture in a changing climate.

The minutes of this workshop can be found here.

The presentations can be download here:

Introductory key note by Silke Stöber, SLE  
Climate Resilient Agriculture Innovative Investigation Project by Kustiwa Adinata and Tandu Ramba
The Power of Innovative Learning: Enabling Rural Innovation in East Africa by Ulrike Bey and Tumainu Matutu
Native Tree Species - sustainable use and carbon sequestration in West Africa by Anne Mette Lykke

Introduction Video: