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SLE286 L impact des importations de poulet sur la filiere avicole beninoise

New SLE study: Benin

Poultry meat consumer analysis Benin in French and English.

Locally produced poultry meat is very popular in Benin. The majority of consumers prefer it to the mass imported chicken meat from the European Union. In contrast to local chicken, the price of imported poultry is low and it can be found everywhere in urban markets. Thus, the younger and less affluent urban population usually chooses imported meat. However, three out of five consumers regularly change their purchasing decision and buy both local and imported chicken. Local chicken production would benefit from improved marketing strategies (packaging, pricing, processing and promotion). For deeper insights and comprehensive recommendations, see the recently published SLE study (in French and English) by our twelve-member research team.

"L‘impact des importations de poulet sur la filière avicole béninoise- Analyse des questions commerciales, des préférences de consommation et des systèmes de production pour renforcer la compétitivité du secteur national."

The publication in French can be found here.

"The impact of chicken imports on the Beninese poultry industry - Analysis of trade issues, consumer preferences and production systems to strengthening the competiveness of the national sector."

The English version can be found here.

Authors: Dorothea Kulla, Priscilia Amoussou, Ambroise Yawédeou Dognon, Tankpinou Rémy Gbèdé, Inès Thècle Glele, Maximilian Graser, Kouété Paul Jimmy, Sakiratou Karimou, Agoussoussi Thierry Kinkpet, Kai A. Klause, Gabriela Maldonado Castro, Esther Minguemadje Marner

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