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New SLE study is online: Co-research on food security in the Western Cape during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The 58th Year South Africa Research Team presents its study on food systems, food justice and self-determination in the Western Cape province of South Africa.

The SLE would like to thank team leader Nicole Paganini and the SLE team Johanna Hansmann, Alexander Mewes, Vincent Reich, Moritz Reigl and Lara Sander as well as all partners, the Heinrich Böll Foundation Cape Town, Solidaridad Network Southern Africa (Karin Kleinbooi), INKOTA-Netzwerk e.V. and our colleagues Dr Jane Battersby from the University of Cape Town and Haidee Swanby, University of Cape Tow. Special thanks go to our practice researchers from the Urban Co-Research Farmer Group and Weskusmandjie, who initiated, co-conceived, wrote and disseminated this study. Click here for the study.