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SLE284 Cooperating out of poverty Seite 001



New SLE study on the effects of agricultural cooperatives in Cambodia is now available!

The study analyzes the contributions of two agricultural cooperatives to the livelihoods and food security of their members’ households:

In addition, it examines the patterns of social inclusion and participation in both coops, and explores the usage and exchange of local knowledge.  The results are based on statistical analysis of quantitative data (using propensity score matching) and participatory rural appraisal methods. Due to Covid19, the team was not able to travel and had to do the research remotely.

Congrats go to the teamleader Heino Güldemann and the SLE research team Darina Döbler, Carolin Kern, Joost Koks, Christopher Korb and Andrej Sbrisny for their excellent work!  The research would not have been possible without the great contributions of the local field teams, including Te Ayphalla, Pisey Khin, Chanthan Tha, Yin Samay, Amrin Sotheakeo, Bout Chakreya, Nissay Chanleakena, and Yi Chheng Eang - thank you.

You can find the study here: