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New SLE study about horticultural and tourism sector in Western Mongolia now available

The study analyses the potentials and challenges of developing complementary income sources in the horticultural and tourism sector in Western Mongolia. The study’s target groups were different groups of the local population in predominantly rural areas in Khovd and Uvs province, including women and youth.

Due to the accelerating climate crisis, both provinces experience changing rainfall patterns, an increasing mean temperature as well as frequent and severe extreme weather events. In combination with a high rate of rural to urban migration and persistent poverty, this necessitates the creation and/or improvement of viable additional income opportunities outside the herding economy.

The study’s livelihood analysis situates the horticultural and tourism sector and their subsectors in a broader context. It identifies specific target groups for development interventions by considering capital endowments, existing vulnerabilities and the seasonal and spatial availability of resources. Both horticultural and tourism activities are highly seasonal and more prevalent during the short summer season between June and August. As both study areas are remote and infrastructure is underdeveloped, access to markets and agricultural products as well as tourist destinations is restricted. Recommendations for improvement are, amongst others, the strengthening of rural institutions, including cooperatives, the economic empowerment of women, and the provision of adequate education and employment opportunities for youth.

The study was conducted in cooperation with the Integrated Mineral Resources Initiative (IMRI) and the Supporting Protected Areas for the Conservation of Ecosystem Services (SPACES) programme of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ).

The study can be downloaded here.

Team management: Camilo Vargas Koch

Team: Wiebke Beushausen, Mengina Gilli, Simon Schoening, Lukas Schreiner, Jana Zotschew

Partner: Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH

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©SLE, Team Mongolei 2019