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Coffee Toraja
© SLE, Coffee from Toraja presented at the Sarasehan.

Heavy rain and sea level rise: Indonesian farmers between climate change adaptation and climate protection

The cultural attaché of the Indonesian Embassy in Germany, Dr. Ahmad Saufi, invited the SLE to report on the situation of small family farms in South Sulawesi (Toraja) and West Java. Mrs. Birgit Steffan opened the Sarasehan, which means workshop in Bahasa Indonesia, and welcomed the guests who had already enjoyed fresh coffee from Toraja and Indonesian snacks. Dr. Silke Stöber, who is coordinating the CRAIIP research project, explained that smallholders are constantly looking for new ways to adapt to the impacts of climate change as these changes make their farming conditions increasingly difficult. Bread for the World (BFDW) supports the project through its local partners JAMTANI and Motivator Kondoran (Church of Toraja).

Organic agriculture is one promising solution for farmers in Indonesia. However, farmers requirie innovative ideas and new networks to market their organic products and to better protect their crops from newly emerging pests and diseases. In order to unlock the innovative potential of farmers, the projects seeks to organise international farmer exchange conferences and looks for opportunities to present farmer products at trade fairs and events. If you like to support the Indonesian farmer network or are interested in our work, please contact Dr. Silke Stöber at SLE.   

The presentation can be found here. You can watch the project introduction video right here:


Silke Presentation
© SLE, Impressions from the Workshop.

Sarasehan ©SLE, Announcement  of the House of Indonesian cultures.