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SLE 278 Opportunities and challenges for small scale aquaculture in Zambia Seite 001

The new study on "Opportunities and challenges of small-scale aquaculture in Zambia" has been published and is available online.

The production of tilapia in aquaculture shows very rapid growth in Zambia. The sector, however, is characterized by a small number of large producers who produce tilapia in cages on Lake Kariba.

What opportunities do the 12,000 small-scale producers have in this growing market? How can they be integrated into the value chain and benefit from it? Reliable information on small-scale aquaculture systems is scarce.

On the basis of this study it was possible to gain insights into the systems of family-run smallholder farms that are deeply rooted in their traditions. The team considered cultural, economic as well as environmental aspects. The analysis of livelihood strategies and gender structures, the development of seasonal calendars and income calculations from the marketing of tilapia in local markets provided valuable results. Recommendations for sustainable intervention measures were derived to help small farmers improve their tilapia production and supply local markets. In addition, opportunities for better integration of women and young people in the sector were identified.

The English version of the study with a German summary can be downloaded here.

Another outcome of this intensive fieldwork is a feasibility study for aquaculture development in the eastern province of Zambia.

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