News from Kenya/Tanzania: SLE participants visit World Vegetable Center in Arusha, Tanzania

The SLE participants conducting the overseas project "Circular knowledge exchange for food and nutrition security - establishing sustainable mechanisms for knowledge exchange and dissemination for African indigenous vegetables in Kenya and Tanzania" visited the World Vegetable Center (WorldVeg) facilities in Arusha.


Climate Resilient Agriculture Investigation and Innovation Project (CRAIIP)

SLE supports a solution oriented research cooperation project in Indonesia, funded by Brot für die Welt and titled “Climate resilient agriculture investigation and innovation project” (CRAIIP)
Local partners are a community organising program of the church of Toraja, Kondoran, the Indonesian farmer organisation for integrated farming, IPPHTI, and the Uuniversities in Makassar, UNHAS,and Bandung, UNPAD.


Towards a socially inclusive and ecologically sustainable rural transformation in Africa: Project results are available

With the empirical studies concluded, first results of the project are now available.

The final report "Towards inclusive and sustainable rural transformation in Sub-Saharan Africa" has been released SLE DISCUSSION PAPER 07/2017 Final Report - Towards Inclusive and Sustainable Rural Transformation in Sub-Saharan Africa

Project description: Starting with the collection of data on demographic, economic, ecological and social trends, a documentary analysis and an on-site problem analysis in partnership with local people and experts, the project aims to develop future scenarios for rural transformation in Zambia, Benin and Ethiopia. Based on the results of this process, the project will identify policies and strategies for increasing the ecological and social sustainability of this transformation.

Striking new paths:

HORTINLEA Master’s Thesis Programme

In September 2016, the HORTINLEA-project started a new groundbreaking SLE- initiative. The HORTINLEA Master’s Thesis Programme. It is designed to support master students with their master theses in contentwise, organisational and financial ways. 13 students were selected and provided an insight into international organisations, field research and interdisciplinary sciences over the following months. The programme supports and promotes their analytical, methodological and communicative skills.

New Overseas Publications of SLE's Projects in Kenya

The 'yellow' series of studies is the result of the SLE's overseas projects, carried out as part of the graduate study programme in 'International Cooperation for Sustainable Development'.

The following three studies regarding projects in Kenya are now available for download.

(in order to download simply click the images)

Land Corruption Risk Mapping

Developing a handbook on how to identify and tackle corruption risks in land governance

Handbook on land corruption risk mapping

How to identify and tackle corruption risks in land governance

Scaling out Climate Smart Agriculture

Strategies and Guidelines for Smallholder Farming in Western Kenya

Titelseite aus SLE Study 270 1 online Titelseite aus Handbook SLE 270 2 online Kenia Titelblatt
Kenia TI Handbook KeniaTI Kenia CSA, Technical Leaflets

Keep the bee in Ethiopia's wheatbelt
Challenges for apiculture integration in the intensified agricultural landscape of Arsi-Zone

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