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Baum an Nyong Fluss

© SLE, 1300 year old tree at the River Nyong.

SLE-Project: Cameroon - First Steps

Since three weeks the participants of this years SLE posgraduate program are in their overseas projects. The group in Cameroon used the first weeks to make contact to as many stakeholders as possible. Their project is named: "Claim and reality of participatory protected area approaches using the example of Cameroon". They told us about their first steps in Cameroon:

By Julia Bayer and Yannic Kiewitt.

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© Nicolas Patt, Sharif Jabborov

SLE-Project in Zambia: finally arrived!

In the end of July the Participants of this years SLE postgraduate program made their way to their Overseas Projects. The Group working on the study"Opportunities and challenges for small-scale aquaculture in Zambia" used the first days to gather feedback for their research design:

By Mario Lootz.



Handbook to action and decision-oriented studies published

The Spanish manual was developed in the context of the DAAD supported university cooperation between SLE and the Colombian Universidad Autónoma de Manizales (UAM). It contains a 10-step guideline for conducting "action and decision-oriented studies". The methodology is based on the experience of SLE and has been adapted to the Latin American context. The handbook addresses interdisciplinary research teams wishing to conduct application-oriented studies for decision-makers from politics, business or civil society. You can download the handbook here.

Presentation of the research concepts of overseas projects 2018

On 23rd and 24th of July the teams of this year's SLE overseas projects present their research concepts. The three month projects will take place in Zambia, Cameroon and Togo/Zambia.

Further information about the projects and the presentation you can find here and in the invitation.

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SLE study results presented at 4th International Cassava Conference in Cotonou, Benin

Last week the 4th International Cassava Conference of the Global Cassava Partnership of the 21st century (GCP21) took place in Cotonou, Benin. Supported by the SLE Freunde und Förderverein e.V., former SLE participant Peggy Günther, presented parts of the results from the overseas project on cassava value chains in Malawi.

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Understanding the complexity of managing protected areas in Sub-Sahara Africa

SLE invites you to join the seminar “Understanding the complexity of managing protected areas in Sub-Sahara Africa” on June 26, 2018, 16:30 until 19:00h at Robert-Koch-Platz 4.



New Paper: Farmers' Perspective on Climate Change

Understanding farmers’ perceptions of how the climate is changing is vital to anticipating its impacts. Farmers are known to take appropriate steps to adapt only when they perceive change to be taking place. This study aims to analyse how African indigenous vegetable (AIV) farmers perceive climate change in three different agro-climatic zones (ACZs) in Kenya, identify the main differences in historical seasonal and annual rainfall and temperature trends between the zones, discuss differences in farmers’ perceptions and historical trends and analyse the impact of these perceived changes and trends on yields, weeds, pests and disease infestation of AIVs.

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