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AU-SLE publications on migration and health

How can policy and practice best address the health care needs of migrants and refugees in Africa?


Interview with South African food activist and researcher Nomonde Buthelezi

Awakening curiosity – Interview with South African food activist and farmer researcher Nomonde Buthelezi on academic research and the transformational impact of co- research. Read the SLE study on agency in South Africas food system, co- authored by Nomonde Buthelezi.


Expedition to our research project NutriGreen!

We invite you to an expedition to the Sahel! Together with researchers from Burkina Faso, Senegal and Sweden, SLE has launched the EU-funded research project "NUTRiGREEN" this year.


Presentation of the research results of overseas projects 2021

The presentation of the results of research concepts of the overseas projects Tunisia, Europe (Germany/EU countries), Uganda and Sambia took place on 23th and 24th November 2021 as a  presentation.


Handbook on African Indigenous Leafy Vegetables out now!

We are immensely proud to share our latest SLE publication: a Training Manual for Extension Officers and Practitioners focusing on the “Production and Marketing of African Indigenous Leafy Vegetables (AIVs)”, including all essential aspects to grow AIVs following agroecological methods from seeds selection, seeding, fertilization, pest management, harvesting, to marketing and consumption.

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New SLE study on the effects of agricultural cooperatives in Cambodia is now available!

The study analyzes the contributions of two agricultural cooperatives to the livelihoods and food security of their members’ households:

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New SLE study is online: Co-research on food security in the Western Cape during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The 58th Year South Africa Research Team presents its study on food systems, food justice and self-determination in the Western Cape province of South Africa.


New SLE articles about food (in)security in the Global South

SLE published two articles on ONE WORLD No Hunger that discuss the impacts of the Covid-19 containment measures on food (in)security in the Global South.

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International webinar “Climate model village” (Indonesia) 20 April

The Global Adaptation Summit 2021 showed that resilience-building through locally-led adaptation is gaining momentum. But what does locally-led adaptation means in practice?


Photo Voice Project Cameroon

How do local people living next to conservation areas experience their daily lives? What aspects of their lives do they wish to portray and discuss?

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