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WHO IS WHO: Dr. Olumide Abimbola

Trainer of our governance class, and founder of the Africa Policy Research Institute (APRI)

What is the first thing you do after waking up?

Thank you very much. The first thing I normally do in the morning is to make coffee and check the news. I try very hard not to check my email first thing, but I unfortunately often fail at this. So let’s say the first things I do in the morning are to read the news and check my email for anything that needs urgent attention.

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WHO IS WHO: Boniface Mabanza Bambu

Lecturer for Development Policy and Anti- Racism

First things first -- how do you find joy in everyday life?

I understand life as a gift, and from that I derive a positive attitude that I maintain despite all adversities. In all situations I have the firm belief that things will go on and will go well.

04 Village potato farmers Mt Elgon region Uganda <br /><br />Flavia Marà
Village Potato Farmers at Mt. Elgon Region, Uganda

Photo by Flavia Marà

Why is KFC Kenya running out of fries, and why do we need to talk about it ?

What the 'potato-gate' scandal and our research on the potato value chain in Uganda tell us about local food value chains

Normally, potatoes aren’t really a big thing in the media – until January this year. We were just about finalizing our report on the Irish potato value chain in eastern Uganda, when suddenly, the potato became a “hot” topic in international media: American fast-food-company KFC had run out of fries in Kenya due to supply chain disruptions, causing furore in the potato- producing country where potatoes can be found at every street corner. How is it possible that KFC Kenya was running out of chips despite a local oversupply of potatoes?

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COVID-19 and School Feeding

The Malawian Case within the Project “Nutrition and Access to Primary Education”

How does the COVID-19 pandemic affect development cooperation projects and the livelihoods of target communities? SLE- participant Lara Sander takes a look at the impact of the pandemic on a Malawian school feeding project.

covid farmer
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COVID-19 - Impact on Local Food Systems

Farmer Led research: (Urban) Farming, Food Justice and Co-Research on Covid-19 lock-down impact on local food systems Participatory Community Research with farmers in Indonesia, Mozambique, South Africa, and Zimbabwe.