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Cooperation with Training Centres in Mali


As part of a three-year cooperation, SLE advises five Malian education and training centres for agricultural and horticultural professions in the regions of Kayes, Koulikoro, Sikasso, Ségou and Mopti. The central focus is on the value chains rice, mango and potato, for which the Green Innovation Centre selects innovations that are developed and offered. These include, for example, questions of small-scale irrigation, organic fertilization and pest control.

In order to make these innovations accessible for the producers, SLE supports with strengthening the methodical-didactic of the teaching staff, further development of the teaching offered for Malian specialists as well as the formation of strategic knowledge management. The courses should be designed in a practice-oriented manner for the target group so that the agricultural consultation can entail actionable offers for small-scale farming families.


The project comprises three axes of action with the following objectives:

  • Capacity Development:
During this phase, the individual competences of the employees are at the forefront. The teaching staff of the partner centre is supported in order to deepen their methodical and didactic skills and developing knowledge on key topics based on various practical examples.

  • Development of vocational training:
Here the focus is on the training offered by the partner centres. These are accompanied by target group-oriented and practice oriented training concepts. In terms of content, the training courses relate to innovation of the Green Centre and additional aspects of good agricultural practices.

  • Quality Management:
In this phase we look at the process of quality management within the partner centre and how this can be sustainably organized. The aim is to establish processes that will ensure the quality level of the newly created vocational training (see objective number 2) beyond the end of the project. This includes, for example, regularly updating the training offer as well as alumni work.

Cooperation Partners

The contract entity is the German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ) and the associated Green Innovation Centre  with connection to the Irrigation Program PASSIP: http://www.passip.org/

Our Partner Centres include the CFC Katibougou, the CFAP Kayes, the CEFE Niono, the CEFASPAM Mopti and the CCFAP Sikasso: http://agroforma.org/centres/


Action Axis 1 ‘Capacity development’

  • Prelude Travel and Needs Analysis (August and October 2016 in Mali)
  • Workshop /Training « Renforcement des capacités didactiques » with field trips, expert dialogues and didactic practical phase at the Berliner Oberstufenzentrum (April/Mai 2017 in Germany)
Action Axis 2 ‘Development of vocational training’

  • Analysis of the target group specific needs of the partner centers (September 2017)
  • Workshop « Vers une transformation rurale inclusive et durable : Élaboration des formations » (November 2017 in Mali)
  • Practical test on the application of the new training concepts with producers «Compétence, attitude and responsabilité sur le terrain» (April 2018 in Mali)
Action Axis 3 ‘Quality Management’

  • Involvement of Malian partners in training
  • Prelude activity awareness of quality management
  • Interim workshop for the implementation of quality assurance processes
Project Lead and Supervisor: Dr. Susanne Neubert
Research Fellows: Annika Buchholz, Guillaume Imbert, Susanne Beurton
Contact: Tel. +49-30-2093-46881/0



Read our Newsletter on the Mali Project: 


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