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University cooperation Colombia

Since summer 2003, the SLE has been collaborating with the Columbian Universidad Autónoma de Manizales (UAM). This collaboration mainly involves advice on the introduction of practice-oriented interdisciplinary commissioned research into the UAM's portfolio. The SLE's Colombian partners want to make use of the SLE's long experience in acquiring, carrying out and quality-testing interdisciplinary research projects. This is highly relevant to development policy, since Colombian universities play an important role in the current peace process, by providing regional-level research results relevant to decision-making. It is nonetheless necessary to help guide current research processes towards greater practical relevance, interdisciplinarity and a focus on decision-making.

Together with the UAM, the SLE has applied for funding from the DAAD for a project to offer advice to university administrations and to train university-level teachers in practice-oriented research, over a period of several years. Already last year, three teachers from the UAM were able to take part in one of the SLE's overseas projects as full team members. They were given leave from their teaching for half a year, and, together with two SLE students, planned and carried out the Colombia overseas project, commissioned by the GIZ.

In May, a delegation from the UAM's management visited the SLE in Berlin. The SLE is also offering courses on Action and Decision-oriented Investigation this year (March and October).

Project coordination: Gesa Grundmann
Supervision: Dr. Karin Fiege