Latest Events

December 2015 - Maputo: Planning and development trip to Maputo

The agenda at the trilateral university cooperation meeting in Maputo included not only the annual plan for 2016, but also the preparation of a new funding application and the possible acquisition of new partners. These plans involved discussions and workshops with colleagues at the Eduardo Mondlane University, as well as strategic meetings with representatives of international organisations.


November 2015 - Rio de Janeiro: Research stay at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro

Tatiana Chale Roche, who is currently studying for her PhD in Mozambique, had the opportunity to learn about research practice in Brazil, at the same time as collecting further empirical data for her PhD thesis. She was supervised in her work by a Brazilian professor.


October 2015 - Maputo: Capacity development at the UEM and participation in an SLE overseas project

Two students in the Masters programme at Rio de Janeiro (UFFRJ) took part in the fieldwork phase of this year's SLE overseas project in Mozambique on the topic of 'Financing for value chains in the agrarian sector'. The two students carried out a baseline study on value chains in the citrus fruit sector. The results will appear in the SLE's publication.

At the same time, one of the UFRRJ's teaching staff introduced a new module within the 'Environment and natural resource management' specialisation. Both students and teachers from Mozambique took part in the course, titled 'Sustainable Development in Practice'. The Mozambican teachers will then take over the teaching of the course for the following year. These projects strengthened this south-south collaboration.

September 2015 - Rio de Janeiro: Action and Decision-oriented Investigation in Brazil

Over the last two weeks, as part of the trilateral university cooperation, students and teachers of the Brazilian partner university the UFRRJ received further training in Action and Decision-oriented Investigation, the SLE's central area of expertise. Together, the three partners were able to set out seven practice-oriented research plans based on studies commissioned by various national and international organisations, including on the following topics:

  • baseline study of value chains in the citrus fruit sector in Maputo, Mozambique (part of this year's SLE overseas project in Mozambique)
  • impact study of sport for sustainable development and peaceful coexistence in the urban space of Santiago de Chile
  • mapping out ecosystem functions in the water catchment area Piabanha in the federal state of Rio de Janeiro, for integration in land use planning for the area
  • evaluation and monitoring for poverty reduction measures and biodiversity conservation in the 'Bolsa Verde', northern Brazil

The course was supervised by Dr Samuel Quive of the Eduardo Mondlane University in Maputo, Mozambique and by Dr Karin Fiege and Anja Schelchen of the SLE.


August and September 2015 - Berlin: Participation in SLE training courses

One teacher and one student from the Eduardo Mondlane University (UEM) successfully completed the training courses 'Disaster Risk Management' and 'Management of Development Projects'. These courses will also become part of the specialisations offered in the Masters course in Maputo, ensuring the sustainable transmission of this knowledge to future students at the UEM.


June 2015 - Berlin: Training session on creating terms of reference and public relations

A successful week of training is now complete! 5 Mozambican and 5 Brazilian teachers and students took part in the courses 'Developing Terms of Reference' and 'Public Relations and Marketing for Practice-Oriented Research'. Both training courses helped to promote the capacity development of the partner universities in 'Action and Decision-oriented Investigation'.