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Based on its long experience in development studies and education, SLE offers curricular consultancy to universities and education institutions in the global southinterested in designing and setting up practical study programmes similar to those of SLE. SLE also provides consultancy services to international cooperation organisations (notably GIZ and KfW Development Bank), either in the form of special overseas project studies or in the classic consultation format.


We are also happy to provide consultations and advice on training specialists and leaders outside the university, either as advisors or in tailored training sessions. SLE has a wealth of expertise in hosting academic events, planning workshops and conducting training programmes. SLE staff and teachers are available to lead specific training sessions or give presentations. For some years now, we have supported organisations wishing to set up or monitor training schemes by assisting in the preparation and running of workshops. If you are interested in these services or have any questions, please contact us:

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You may also download our booklet for further information.

Current Projects:


Mosambik - Brasilien


Kolumbien - Peru - Mexiko