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Sponsors and Partners


The UFRRJ is a member of the innovative and international Global Masters in Development Practice Network, which now has 22 member universities worldwide. The international office of the network is based at the Earth Institute of Columbia University in the USA. The network and the masters programme, which has existed since 2009, are supported by the MacArthur Foundation.

The costs of the university partnership between the SLE and the UFRRJ as well as of the triple partnership including the UEM in Maputo are co-financed by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).



The degree programme is financed through tuition fees. Until recently, the Ford Foundation provided scholarships for studying and for the fieldwork. The Mozambican Eduardo Mondlane University offers another scholarship programme.

A large number of Mozambican and international organisations collaborate in the masters programme, whether by providing teaching or carrying out practical research projects (for example the national catastrophe institute, the meteorological institute, the Mozambican ministry of planning, the Mozambican Technical Secretariat for Food Security and Nutrition, various NGOs and many more).

The costs of the partnership between the UEM and the SLE are co-financed by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)