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Completed Projects

Qualitätsnetz Biodiversität (Quality Network in Biodiversity)

The SLE participated in the DAAD-co-financed programme 'Qualitätsnetz Biodiversität' (Quality Network in Biodiversity), coordinated by the Department of Systematic Zoology at the Humboldt University. Universities in Namibia (UNAM), Kenya (Karatina University), Mozambique (Eduardo Mondlane University) and South Africa (Stellenbosch) participated in the quality network.

The aim was to bring the topic of biodiversity into teaching and research in a practice-oriented way. For example, in Namibia a masters programme in 'Biodiversity Management and Research' was set up.

A new proposal has been submitted to the DAAD, which aims to develop an international graduate school, set up collaborative courses, carry out collaborative research projects, and much more. The Brazilian Federal University of Rio de Janeiro will participate as a new partner.