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Who is who: Team leader Dr. Mejed Heni

Dr. Mejed Heni, Who are you ?

I'm a doctor in Veterinary Medicine, and a consultant and auditor in food safety management systems. I mainly assist companies to implement their food safety management systems in order to be audited and certified. I work in different stages of the food chain, and look at vegetable packing, slaughterhouses, meat manufactures, logistics companies and the retail sector. I've been working with international programs around Africa and it has always been such a wonderful opportunity to get to know other cultures, meet different people, and work together towards the same objectives.

What is your research about and what research results have surprised you so far?

Our research is about exploring how institutional capacities of Tunisia’s food safety system could be reinforced. We met various stakeholders and conducted interviews in manufactures, administrative offices and open markets. While the stakeholders are extremely dedicated, we have been surprised by the lack of communication and rapid alert tools in the current food safety system.

What do you like best about your current job?

I really enjoy working with my motivated, well- trained and highly competent team - members. The team consists of 5 Germans and 3 Tunisians. We have shared a lot of beautiful moments together. Sharing those moments, and meeting research challenges together were what I liked the most about my job.